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The Proof is in the pudding ...

"A great breeder.

From our first email enquiry Nancy kept us up to date about all the kittens and how they were doing. I loved the regular photos and being able to visit and see how all the kittens were getting on. Nancy is always there to give guidance and answer questions if you need it. Would never hesitate in recommending Parker Ragdolls. Our little Purr monster, Evie has settled in amazingly"

Charlotte and Joel

The Proof is in the Pudding ....

"I was looking for a good breeder and came across the Parker Ragdolls website. I was very impressed by the information given and the wonderful photos. When I visited the kittens they all looked healthy, lively and so beautiful. Nancy was lovely, friendly and very knowledgeable. She obviously cares for all her cats as loved family pets. I have been very impressed from my first contact through to picking up my kitten and the on going support. I would most definitely reccomend Nancy as an excellent breeder I can honestly say my new fur baby has brought me nothing but happiness and makes me smile every day! She is perfect in every way. Thanks Nancy x"


About Us

We are Nancy, Jason and family. We live in Ogwell, Newton Abbot. We were both raised in the local area. Jason is in the fish industry and his family are well known in Brixham and Torquay.

Myself I am a full time carer for our disabled son plus run our pet sitting business called Catmates (www.catmates.co.uk).

Together we run our busy household and care for our children.

As a family we run Parker Ragdolls. Everyone gets involved whether it's feeding, cleaning, providing cuddles or teaching our furries vital social skills. We all love having these beautiful creatures in our home. Our son particularly appreciates the therapeutic nature of the Ragdoll breed.

All our cats are part of our extended family. They wake us up in the morning with purrs and head bonks, they laze around on the beds or cat trees during the day, supervise all household chores, demand attention, affection and play. Help with the gardening and are fascinated by our chickens and Jamie the house bunny. Then join us on the sofas in the evening for more essential snuggle time.

Our Pedigree Ragdoll cats are an integral part of our home and we wouldn't have it any other way.

We work in partnership with Marie and Ian of Raistrick Ragdolls. Marie and I have been best friends for many years and I agreed to mentor her breeding program. This has lead to us forming a partnership. We often meet for coffee or a cheeky glass of "lemonade" to talk through our plans. Our enthusiasm for this breed is infectious. Our love for our cats is boundless. I feel blessed to share this with Marie.

The joy of Ragdoll Kittens

Bringing a new life into the world is something we take very seriously. That's why we health test all our cats for all appropriate diseases according to the foundation of each cat's individual pedigree. Standard tests for all our breeding cats include HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) using both DNA and ultrasound. Our cats are annually blood tested for FeLV (Feline leukaemia virus) and FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus). All our Cats are blood type tested. In our opinion these are the most crucial and relevant tests at present. We are also aware of a strain of dwarfism affecting the Ragdoll breed. This has been associated with one known pedigree cat lurking in the foundation of some Ragdolls. We are happy to say that our lines 100% do not carry the affected cat and we are currently working alongside breeders worldwide to find an answer. For more info on this click HERE.

Because we have blended our family and felines so purrfectly we produce confident, bomb proof kittens who are extremely well socialised, litter trained, scratching post trained and are confident with well behaved children and other pets.

As Hobby breeders of Ragdoll kittens we are very select over the amount of litters we produce, preferring to produce rainbow litters of kittens, with a variety of colours and markings. Studying genetics is something I enjoy and it's great to put that to use when producing litters of Ragdoll kittens. We work in Partnership with Raistrick Ragdolls and each mating is planned to produce wonderful blue eyed babies with excellent type, coat and most importantly the personality associated with our beloved Ragdoll breed. Each of our Ragdolls was carefully chosen, not only for their beautiful looks but their fantastic pedigree lines. We are proud to have such diversity and maintain a low co-efficiency within our breeding program.

When you have the pleasure of owning a Parker ragdoll you are safe in the knowledge that you are among a select group of families each hand picked by ourselves. Our Ragdolls are the finest quality and exquisite bundles of scrumptiousness. We never breed for monetary gain simply the enjoyment of the breed. Our Ragdolls health and happiness always comes first. We do not believe in having large groups of cats housed together. Cats are not pack animals and in doing so, in our opinion, is an open invitation to FIP a deadly disease.

Over the years we have Shown our beautiful cats at many TICA shows. We are proud with the results including a regional win of 3rd best in the whole of Western Europe. We are very select over the cats we show and are mindful of the extreme amounts of stress involved in the show hall environment. In our opinion it's an unnecessary risk. However with such high TICA standard Ragdolls it would be a crime to not attend occasionally.

All our cats are fed a high protein, grain free diet, including supplements to ensure optimum health, boost their immune system and ensure their well-being. Each of our fur babies are handled right from birth. We feel early socialisation is very important. Our methods are tried, tweaked and tested over the years giving our families peace of mind.

A small collection of photos. Enjoy.

The Ragdoll breed


All our ragdolls are chosen for their type and standard according to The International Cat Association (TICA).

The Ragdoll is a semi longhaired, blue eyed cat with the sweetest personality. They grow quite large and heavy and are slow to mature reaching full colour at 3 years and full maturity at 4 years of age. The Ragdoll is a muscular cat with little fat except on the lower abdomen fat pad. The Ragdoll was first developed in the 1960's. They are known for their loving nature and laid back disposition. They are social cats who love companionship. Ragdolls are often compared to dogs due to their intelligence, friendliness and loyal character. Boys can reach 15-20lbs and girls between 10-15lbs. Ragdolls are a pointed breed so they always have blue eyes. They come in three patterns colourpoint, mitted and bi colour.

The head should be a broad modified wedge with slightly rounded contours and a flat plane

between the ears.

The ears themselves should be medium in size with a broadness at the base and rounded tip.

Eyes should be large and oval, the deeper the shade of blue the better.

Their chin should be well developed and in line with the nose. The muzzle should be medium and rounded. The body of the Ragdoll should be substantial with a broad chest and heavy boning.

Their feet should be large and round with gorgeous tufty toes. Their tail should be the same length as their body and thicker at the base with a slight taper. The coat of the Ragdoll has little undercoat. It should be plush and silky not woolly or cottony.

Our own breed description might read something like this.... Big bundles of love that will wrap you round their paw, not very agile and likely to fall off furniture, big blue eyes that disarm humans and mean you will forgive any naughtiness. Can sulk for hours.

60% cushion 40% fluff.

What to expect from us and what we expect from you.


We take the responsibility of finding forever homes for our five star babies very seriously. That's why we vet all our families, ask lots of questions and welcome your enquiries. We look for five star homes who can provide companionship, love and affection in abundance. As we only breed a few litters a year we have the luxury of time to get to know families over time and build a relationship even before the babies are conceived. If you are out all day, seven days a week, this is not the breed for you. Ragdolls crave attention. If you want to let your pet cat roam freely this is not the breed for you. Ragdolls lack the traditional feline survival skills and must be supervised in a secure garden or have access to a safe outdoor enclosure.

We guarantee that your new addition will be raised in the best possible conditions and free from parasites. We are so confident in the health of our kittens we offer a year's health guarantee against genetic diseases.Your bundle will be confident, happy and content from birth. Your new addition will be fully vaccinated and neutered before leaving us at 14 weeks old. We expect you to visit us and your new addition to help the bonding process. We will provide you with registration papers as proof that your Ragdoll is full Pedigree. We also provide a 5 generation family tree, vaccination card and information on caring for your new addition. We also give you a kitten pack full of food and goodies to start you off. To join our family send us a short message via our contact page HERE and we will happily send you our form to complete.

Parker Ragdolls

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