Our Feline Family

The Proof is in the pudding ...

"A great breeder.

From our first email enquiry Nancy kept us up to date about all the kittens and how they were doing. I loved the regular photos and being able to visit and see how all the kittens were getting on. Nancy is always there to give guidance and answer questions if you need it. Would never hesitate in recommending Parker Ragdolls. Our little Purr monster, Evie has settled in amazingly"

Charlotte and Joel

The Proof is in the Pudding ....

"I was looking for a good breeder and came across the Parker Ragdolls website. I was very impressed by the information given and the wonderful photos. When I visited the kittens they all looked healthy, lively and so beautiful. Nancy was lovely, friendly and very knowledgeable. She obviously cares for all her cats as loved family pets. I have been very impressed from my first contact through to picking up my kitten and the on going support. I would most definitely reccomend Nancy as an excellent breeder I can honestly say my new fur baby has brought me nothing but happiness and makes me smile every day! She is perfect in every way. Thanks Nancy x"


Meet our Ragdolls

Each of our Ragdolls were chosen carefully. Not only due to their extraordinary good looks, but also health, temperament and their wonderful pedigree. Each one also adds diversity and helps us keep a low coefficiency within our breeding program. We are proud to say that all our Ragdolls come from award winning lines, including Quadruple Grand Champions, Regional and International Champions.

Chocolates and Lilacs

When we returned to breeding it was always our hope to eventually produce another litter of visual chocolate and lilac babies. Imagine our joy when the first girl we fell in love with just happened to carry both dilute and chocolate. Meaning we again will be producing these wonderful colours in 2018. All our cats genetic colour capabilities are proven by parentage or DNA test.

We hope to strengthen the eye colour in the visuals while holding onto the standard of points according to The International Cat Association (TICA).

Lilac Kitten 2015

The Parker Pad


Here at Parker Ragdolls we like to do our bit for the planet and pride ourselves on using high quality eco friendly products, whenever possible, to enhance the lives of our fur babies.

Each of our cats have their own bamboo toxin free cat bowl. Designed to protect our cats delicate whiskers.

We use 100% natural and biodegradable cat litter from a substainable source.

We feed our whole feline family a high quality grain free dry food, which is free from modified ingredients and not tested on animals in avasive research.

Even our water bowls are made from BPA- free food grade material.

Our wet food supplements include White sustainable fish and responsibly sourced dolphin friendly tuna.

We also like to support local companies. Our cat trees are handmade and built to support the growing demands of our whole Ragdoll brood as well as any new babies born in our nursery.

Providing our Feline family with the best possible quality of life is extremely important to us all.

Our home is surrounded by fields. The cats and kittens are fascinated by our chickens and the cows which often graze nearby. It's a idylic spot purrfect for raising our babies. Our kittens also make friends with our dogs and our house bunny Jamie. We believe this contributes to their confident personalities.

Testimonial. The proof is in the pudding....

Our decision to have a Ragdoll found us looking at the Parker Ragdoll website. In our eyes a Professional Authentic Reputable Kind Ethical Ragdoll breeder was essential.

“Where do you start?” “How do you know…?” After extensive research we felt Parker Ragdolls was the breeder for us.

After speaking to Nancy Parker on the telephone my instinct told me that at last I’d found the right breeder. Nancy gave my husband and me the opportunity to meet her at her home. We were introduced to members of her family and of course the cats and kittens which are integral to daily life in her household. The kittens are socialized in a family environment as part of a clear plan and it is evident they are happy, well-loved animals with bags of personality! Nancy demonstrates such patience and warmth, with a mix of humour, you get the feeling very quickly as if she could become your best friend.

Colour and markings of the ragdoll were important to us at first however, a big factor is matching the cat’s personality to the right family, especially if there are already other pets. Nancy has a natural gift for this which becomes evident the longer you are associated with her. It amazes me how she remembers so much about all these little fur babies that have been part of her life.

Our beautiful Parker Ragdoll is a sheer delight to us as well as any visitors to our home. She is gentle and affectionate yet playful and demanding! She craves our time and company; happy to play with us or settle down when we are relaxing. Our lovely ragdoll is a well behaved little sweetheart that, I believe, is the influence of her early life in the Parker home. Parker ragdolls are bred in a home environment that may appear chaotic to some however each phase of their life from birth is structured in the most caring and loving manner.

Look no further for your Ragdoll!!


Chris and Ken Conley

Parker Ragdolls

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